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How To Enjoy Being Single And Happy

How To Enjoy Life Being Single

Enjoy life being single! It’s not the end of the world – insert eye roll – yes, you can be on your own and HAPPY!

Some people make it sound like a tragedy or that something went wrong along the way. By far, this has been the happiest time of my life. Believe me!

That is not to say that having a partner sucks. I have been married, and in a few long term relationships, and without a doubt, none of them brought me as much joy as being solo.

I am enjoying, way too much, the single life and spending time on my own.

I know I know what you are going to say. This girl hasn’t met the right person yet. And you are absolutely correct!

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Plenty of couples are living the dream. You watch them, and you know they were made for each other.

With them, magic is always in the air. They are what I call a power couple, the lucky ones! Sorry, the single life might not beat that.

Let’s get back to the awesomeness of enjoying being single. What is so good about it?

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Single Doesn't Mean Being Lonely

It has been ages since my last relationship, and almost two years since I last dated. Still, I haven’t felt lonely. Not even for a day.

My life is complete, as is. I have my daughter surprising me every day and keeping me on my toes. Julia has the dogs under her spell, and they are a strong team. Plus the daily dogs’ shenanigans. 

Never a dull moment around here. This house is busy!!! My daughter and the pups brighten up my day, making my heart full. No time to feel alone. Not even for a minute!

There is always something to do, and I rarely watch TV. Usually, you will find me working, or spending time with Julia and the dogs, reading or taking a course, and maybe working a bit more. Not much free time after all is said and done.

Keep yourself occupied. Focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have.

Enjoy Being Single And Rediscover Yourself

Now is the best time to get in touch with your inner self. Many times we neglect our desires in favour of a relationship.

Ask yourself many questions, dig deep. Get to know who you truly are.

What do you like? What are your dreams? Are you living up to your standards? What are you doing to achieve your goals?

Are you happy? If not, why not? Understand the reason as you are the only person that can make that happen. Nobody else!

Start enjoying hanging out with yourself, and you will enjoy life being single.

Are you taking care of yourself? You will find some great self-care tips here.

The Perfect Opportunity To Reinvent Yourself

You will find now you have some extra time and might not know what to do with it. I know what you can do!

Use this precious time to better yourself. Acquire a new skill, go back to school, find a new hobby, get in shape, volunteer, start a side hustle, improve your life. Go chase your dreams!

Whatever you decide to do, it will help you to unveil a better version of yourself. And you will fall in love with the person you are becoming.

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.

Know Your Worth

Loving yourself is essential. When you are fully aware of what you bring to the table, you know your worth and that my friend is power!

Love yourself first, because that's who you'll spend the rest of your life with.

Be picky! Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Why would you not choose the best?

Make a list of the “Must Haves” for the ideal candidate. Think hard how you would like your significant other to be. What the deal-breakers and the mandatory requisites are.

This list will help you know first what you want in a partner, and second, what you should look for if you decide to get back in the dating scene.

Remember, you are fabulous and enjoying being single. You are unique, and one in a million! Give time to find a match to your awesomeness.

Enjoy Being Single! It Does Not Have To Be Boring

Take your beautiful self to the movies, get all dressed up and go to that new fancy restaurant, or watch that show you’re dying to see.

I will even dare to say, go on a date if that is what you want. Or two, or three? Speedy dating anyone? Have fun!

I have taken one step further and travelled alone. It was a blast! As a true Disney fan, I went to Disneyland and LA for a week.

My point is, enjoy being single! Go on an adventure! Don’t wait for anyone to live your life. Explore new places and do exciting things. Time won’t stop later for you to catch up!

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The Freedom that Comes with Being Single

Freedom ought to be the best part of being single. You are no longer on some else’s schedule.

You pick the movie. You choose the next vacation destination, and that is the end of “WHAT? Disney AGAIN???” type of question.

No more tip-toeing to enter the house unnoticed so you can quickly hide the new five pairs of shoe shopping bags you just bought it on sale. No explaining needed. I’m sure you got a great deal!

Instead, you walk in like a boss, shaking those bags like you own it! Yay, that is FREEDOM!!!

You decide what car you drive, where you live, how much you spend on your pets, and the restaurant you are going to eat.

If you choose to take your dog to NYC for a treatment, you do it because you can! You are on your own.

The remote control for the TV will be back in your hands. Unless you have kids, then nope, sorry you will never have that power back again. Paw Patrol and Dora will be your best friends, get used to it.

That is also the end of pretending headaches and migraines.

No Need To Pick Up After Another Grown-Up

Not having to pick up after another grown-up is a big one for me. I am not saying names here, as that wouldn’t be nice. 

However, MANY spouses feel entitled to live like they are in an all-inclusive resort. Where they come in and out of the house and do absolutely nothing to help out, they want no part in it.

It’s funny because most times, both partners have a nine to five job, and still, only one ends up doing all the housework. I know there are some exceptions, but it should be the rule.

Up to this day, I love doing laundry, the dishes, cleaning, putting things away, said NO ONE ever!

Seriously though, this is the type of thing that puts a strain on any relationship.

Better Sleep

Can you imagine sleeping in a bed where the only snoring sound you hear is coming from the dogs? And dog snoring doesn’t count as everything they do is adorable. For all I care, they can take over the world!

There is nothing more annoying than another human snoring beside you.

Being single means I should be able to sleep like an X or a Y or pretty much as any letter of the alphabet. Just need to be careful to not disturb the dogs!

Relationship status: sleeping in my bed diagonally.

Sometimes Molly sleeps in my leg, and Chase shares my pillow. Not comfy. Yet, so sweet. 🙂

The dogs claim their spot first. Then it is up to me to find the gap where I can fit in. Julia has now also joined us with a permanent spot, which I hope it is only temporary.

It’s all fun, and I LOVE the vibe in my bedroom. If I had a significant other, it would be a struggle to get him to sleep in the same bed with us. So, let’s keep simple 🙂

A Relationship Should Not Define You

I know some people are desperate for a relationship. If that is you, ask yourself why.

A relationship should complement your life, not complete. If you cannot make yourself happy, what makes you think you can make someone else happy?

Enjoy life to the fullest. It is so liberating to have the decision power and to be the one making the rules and also breaking them — no one to tell you how things are going to work inside your house.

You never know what tomorrow will bring. You might no longer be single. Who knows?

But if you enjoyed the single life, FOR SURE, you will be on the top of your game. Your partner will be the lucky one to have you! 🙂

I'd love to hear how you are enjoying being single and what you are finding challenging.

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  1. What an empowering post! I wish I had these tips when I was still single & had more time for myself. Just in time to share for “Single-Awareness Day” on the 14th! ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing! This was a great post! Single moms unite! I’ve been most of my son’s life and it was always nice to be able to make my own parenting choices (most of the time)!

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